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BMW immobilizer emulator with maps modification

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EWS or CAS emulator for all BMW diesel ECUs, including all variants of the M47 and M57 engines.
For the price you will get our microprocessor module mounted by us in  your ECU.
We will also modify all the limiters maps and switches so it will produce more Newton Meters Nm and power too.
Provide us will details about your engine accessory like:
injectors code numbers, MAP sensors code numbers,
Turbo actuators electronic or vacuum, etc.....
Based on our more than 15 years of experience with BMW ecu software,
We will modify the software to suit your needs.
We can even make your non BMW gas pedal to work with our software as well as additional tricks like for example popcorn sound on diesel too.
Place on order so we can contact you to help you with finishing your project.