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Meter Counter

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The meter counter features twin digital displays which enable an off road racing driver or pilot to keep track, simultaneously, of both distance since the last way point and over-all distance. This corresponds directly to the information provided in a standard road book and means that the pilot can follow it with a minimum of trouble. A handy remote button, attached to the central unit by a flexible wire allows the pilot to switch rapidly between stages.

The meter counter can also be used as a stop watch to measure time between points. This means that for special race stages where time means points, the driver knows exactly how much time he has taken to complete the stage.

Our meter counter was designed by an active off-road driver using all his experience and knowledge in the design process. It has passed more than a year of testing in an off-road environment at 6th rally stakes, when it worked in perfect order.


  • Robust chipboard design using surface mounted technology.
  • Rugged metal box with mud resistant plastic front control panel.
  • Dimensions: 153x86x33 (mm)
  • Weight: 440g
  • LED displays:
    • Upper - 5x14mm digits, max 99999 metres or 99.999 minutes
    • Lower - 4x20mm digits, max 9999 metres
  • Resolution: 1m or 0.01 sec (stopper mode)
  • Ships with:
    • 1.5m connection cable.
    • Remote control button connected via spiral cable to main unit.
    • Fully adjustible mounting bracket.