With a proven background in IT and Automotive Electronics, our founder has gathered an impressive depth and range of knowledge in the following fields

  • Networks:
    • Wired or radio (wireless) data networks from
    • Simple simplex to duplex PtP (point to point) up to PtM (point to multipoint) networks.
  • TCP/IP:
    • IP packet structure
    • IP networks
    • IP dynamic or static routing
  • Unix like operating systems:
    • Linux since its kernel version 0.98 back in early nights
    • FreeBSD
    • OpenBSD
    • AIX
    • Solaris
  • Cars ECU (Engine Control Units)
    • Especially Chryslers ECU starting from the famous Dodge Daytona 1984 up to Jeeps 6 cylinder ECU.
    • Not to mention expertise in BMW diesel Engines Controlers, Suzuki Samurai Engine Controlers
    • We have bulided a BMW 6 cylinder engine simulator and a number of diverent Suzuki benzine engine simulators
  • Radio Operation:
    • Transmitters
    • Receivers
    • Antennas
    • From frequency ranging HF up to Ghz
    • A ham radio/amature radio operator and constructor.

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